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Defining Insomnia

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Everybody has the occasional bout with insomnia. Sometimes the reason for the insomnia is apparent, and sometimes it is simply a mystery. You have done everything just like you always do it as you prepare to go to bed and go to sleep. Then you lay your head down and almost like there is an "open" button on the back of your head, your eyes pop wide open and sleep is only a distant and apparently impossible dream.

But why? Why can't you just fall asleep?

Goodness knows you are tired enough to sleep after your hectic day. It's not like you took a long afternoon nap and just don't need any more sleep. Still, sleep eludes you. You are suffering from insomnia.

It happens to everybody once in a while. Most of us will simply have one restless night and then the next night we sleep like the proverbial tired two-year old. There are those, however, that suffer from insomnia more often than occasionally. People can suffer from such severe insomnia that they actually become sleep deprived. They are so lacking in restful sleep that they have a problem functioning in their daily lives.

People who have insomnia more than just occasionally need to seek help. There are many products on the market that are made for inducing sleep, both of the over-the-counter variety and of the prescription variety. There are also natural herbal remedies that will promote sleep.

It is far better, however, to determine the cause of the insomnia and treat the cause. Insomnia is, after all, usually only a symptom of other problems that can be physical, emotional, or mental.

A full night's sleep of seven to eight hours is a requirement for good health, just like good food and exercise. We can't function if we don't sleep, and it is important that those who suffer from frequent insomnia uncover and treat the cause.

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