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Causes of Insomnia

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What causes insomnia? Why is it that sometimes we just simply cannot fall asleep, or we fall asleep and a couple of hours later we are wide awake…not rested, of course, just wide awake. That is a question that has been asked over and over and over again by those who suffer from insomnia.

The reason for the occasional bout with insomnia can sometimes be easily seen. We have had an exciting day, or we are anticipating an exciting or a stressful day. Our minds will simply not shut down and let us go to sleep or stay asleep. We are tense. Remember Christmas Eve when you were about six years old, and you knew that Santa Claus was going to slide down the chimney and leave you all of the things that you little heart desired? You couldn't go to sleep because you were anticipating an event.

Rehashing an event can also keep us awake at night. An argument with a spouse just before going to bed can add up to a poor night's sleep for both parties. These are the common things that can cause all of us to suffer from the occasional sleepless night.

However, there are other more serious causes of insomnia that are not so fleeting. Constant stress is a major cause. I'm not talking about occasional stress -- we all have that. I'm talking about constant stress -- the unrelenting kind. Insomnia is the symptom. The real problem is the constant stress, and that is the problem that needs to be addressed. Taking pills to treat the symptom of insomnia isn't going to "fix" the problem of undue stress. When you find a way to relieve the stress, the insomnia will "fix" itself.

There are other physical causes of insomnia. If you are not under undue stress and yet still have very frequent insomnia, you really should see your doctor and insist on a physical examination to determine the problem that is causing the insomnia.

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